A 'Dicitionary' of Smileys, Emoticons or Letter-Faces
and their meaning or symbolism

The idea behind the following list or 'dictionary' of (not only) "smileys" (letter-faces or 'emoticons') is to stick to sign-combinations that might work intuitively without an explanation... Of course you can freely create combinations... [e.g.: "weeping with joy" would be clear: :..-) ]

Enjoy to use them to make texts more emotional!

Hilmar H. Werner alias BerlinerTourGuide

 :-) smiling, good mood
 ;-) smiling with a wink
 :-> amused
 :-Y one-sided grin
 :-p hey! I like that! that's fine!
 :'-D crying laughing
 :'-) moved to tears
 :-} shy smile
 :-] broad smile
 :-D laughing out loud or triumphantly or cunningly
 :- kiss
 :-Z look at that! can't believe it!
 :-T hmm! let me think about this...
 |:-T hmmm! this really needs some reflection...!
 :-| consternated, affected, somewhat taken aback
 |:-| very consternated and astonished, not knowing, what to do, affected, taken aback
 :-\ sceptical, rather against it!
 :-/ sceptical, rather against it!
 :-( bad mood, sad
 :-< very bad mood, very taken aback
 :-[ angry
 }:-[ very angry
 >:-( extremely angry
 :-O astonished
 :-0 astonished
 :-ö embarassed
 ):-O very astonished, aghast
 :-c oh! very disturbing, this!
 :-C ooh! extremely embarrassing!
 :'-( sad, with a tear in the eye
 :..-( crying, weeping
 :-o oh! this is worrying!
 |:-# speechless, breath taken away, in horror
 :-+ really don't know, what to say; not my cup of tea; I'm tight about this!

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